These wonderful coffee scoops or spoons are a delight to use.


Whether you're a coffee lover or not these are a must have in the kitchen. You'll find that the handles we that we make and attach to the stanless steel hardware is extremely comfortable in the hand. While most coffee scoops have narrow handles, ours thicker and ergonomic so that they fit and feel perfect with every use. 


We use one for our traditional coffee dripper. Once you use our lovely coffee scoop, you won't want to use anything for your morning routine. 


***We do not offer gold hardware anymore, thank you for understanding***


Measures 2 Tbsp

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop Measuring Spoon 2 Tbsp

  • If your item is lost in the mail we will either send you another spoon in the mail or refund you for the cost of the spoon. 

    We ask our buyers to please report damaged goods within 48 hrs of delivery time for refunds or replacements.