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CNC Router Services

You dream it, we make it

Our shop is equipped with a 4x8 CNC Router table capable of producing wood parts with great precision.

cnc image.jpg

The materials that our Shopsabre CNC router processes ranges from Plywood, MDF, PVC, Plexiglass, HDU and much more. 


With our skillful and dedicated crew, our team is capable of producing precise parts necessary for prototyping for work specific applications in a streamlined and speedy manner. 


Are you a cabinet maker, a furniture designer or an inventor? Call and schedule a visit with us. Let us work to turn your idea into a reality. Make use of our CNC technology to create high quality parts not found any where else. 


If you have a project that is unique and requires the highest precision and accuracy, all any one of our designers and we can set up an appointment so that we can work with you one on one. 

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