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Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood

Exclusive Services


Our company focuses on making sure that we can address a wide range of woodworking needs. With our tools and experience, we are more than capable to tackling any project.

Cabinets & Installation

Kitchen Shaker Cabinets and Island

Need a new set of cabinets? We provide both prefab and custom made cabinets. Our professionals are ready to help you on your new kitchen, bathroom, or laundry project.

Luthier Supplies

Classical Guitar Solera Workboard and Side Mold

Choose from our inventory of tonewoods to produce your next instrument. We sell Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Lutz Spruce, and Engelman guitar tops. 

We also carry a variety of rosewoods, perfect for your next bridge or fretboard. 

Do you need precision milled guitar jigs and tools? Let us help you and provide you with custom designed molds, radius dishes, and guitar work boards especially made for your preferred model

We can trace blueprints or make a custom design from the ground up. 

CAD & 3D Design

3d Rendered Custom Cabinets

If you need a visual representation that illustrates your project as it would appear to scale before it's made, our designer can draw or create a 3D rendering for you. 

CNC Router Milling Services

Shopsabre CNC Router

Our unique facility is equipped with a 4' x 8' CNC router able to process everything from engineered sheet goods to live edge solid wood pieces. We provide high quality prototyping manufacturing services, placing individualized attention to every single project. Each and every piece is hand processed with incredible attention to detail.

Sawmill & Lumber

Lumber and Sawmill services

Turn your logs into high quality lumber, boards, or beams. Give us a call for a quote. Our LT50E Woodmizer will produce high quality, locally sourced lumber that you cannot find at your local big box store. Bring your logs to our location, and we'll help you get the most out of your trees. 

Wood Turning & Home Decor

Hand Turned Candlesticks

Our company is one of very few that will still custom hand turn anymore. From farmhouse rustic to refined fluting, our workers will turn you a design that is exclusively yours. 

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