AAA, Split, quarter sawn, dried and thermally treated Sitka Spruce

Excellent tap tone.


Large enough for a dreadnaught style guitar. 


Torrefied sitka spruce is stable and moves less (shrinking and expanding) with clear tone and warm color found in older instruments that we so love from the golden era of guitars. 


Each piece approximately 8-1/2"-9'' x 21" (216mm x 533mm).

Un-sanded thickness ranges from 0.125" - 0.130" (3.18mm - 3.30mm)


For a guitar to "break-in", it takes years of playing in order to develop the desired tone and realize its full potential. As tonewoods age, the cellular structure goes through changes, making iti become much more responsive and much more resonant. After some years go buy, you'll be rewarded with a "vintage tone" guitar. 


However, with torrefied or thermally treated woods, guitars seem to have a bit of head start towards that vintage tone. These Sitka spruce tops are heat-treated in an oxygen-free kiln. resulting in a highly resonant and extremely stable tonewood. Some refer to it as if the guitar has pre-aged; one that's been played for many years.


You'll enjoy using this on your next build. The feeling and even the smell of this spruce top will produce an instant nostalgic feeling. Try it, you'll be happy you did!

AAA Torrefied (Thermally Treated) Sitka Spruce Soundboard Tonewood Set

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