Visually stunning light tonewood that has powerful projection. 


Lutz Spruce offers a warm dynamic range with lots of head room similar Adirondack Spruce; something that strong strummers and pictures will come to truly appreciate. 


Once you hold a piece of Lutz Spruce in your hands, you'll begin to understand that it truly is a unique yet lovely tonewood.


Lutz Spruce is a naturally occurring hybrid, and grows among Sitka Spruce and White Spruce found in the Western North America continent. It takes on characteristics from both; high stiffness, maintaining low density with a consistent white color.


Each book-matched set is quarter sawn and dry.  Each set is large enough for a Dreadnaught style guitar.


Each half is approximately 8-1/2"-9'' x 22" (216mm x 559mm) and approximately 5/32" (4mm) thick 


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AAA Lutz Spruce with Bear Claw Figure

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