Cedar is more fragile and not as elastic as Spruce, but it is more stable with changes in moisture content. Its warm color, straight grain, and clear crisp tap tone are just a few features enjoyed by many instrument makers. For guitar, cedar is regarded for its harmonic richness and complexity with a wider dynamic range when compared to Spruce. However, it’s lack of headroom makes it a poor choice for heavy handed flatpickers if it is used for steel string guitars. The color tends to range from light to even reddish to and very rarely, chocolate brown, with subtle unevenness of color being allowed sometimes even in the higher grades.


These sets are very high quality, have extremely tight grain, and excellent tap tone. 


Approximately 23” long 9” wide 4.1mm thick

AAA Western Red Cedar Sounboard Tonewood Guitar Top 3A Grade

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$60.00Sale Price