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AAAA, Split, quarter sawn, dried Sitka spruce bear claw guitar top
Beautiful figure in every piece.
Excellent tap tone.
Each piece is approximately 9” wide and 23” long ” and 4.1mm thick, and is big enough for a Dreadnaught style guitar. 
Sitka Spruce is very stiff tonewood, and because it is stiff and strong, its a great choice for steel string guitars. Some makers have had some success using Sitka spruce even for classical guitars. Its color ranges from white to pinkish to even light brown, however, some tops will show a variation of colors from time to time. 
With this gorgeous bearclaw figure, your guitar will not only look stunning, but highly distinctive. You'll never get tired of looking at it. We know this personally, and we've seen a lot!

AAAA Sitka Spruce Bear Claw Guitar Tonewood Soundboard Set

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